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Our Team Approach

The development of a team including the Owner, Architect, Interior Designer and Contractor or cost estimator is essential for a successful project. Having everyone involved helps to reduce the potential for errors or leaving out parts or pieces of the work. There are five phases to our approach:


This optional phase is used to develop a written list of wants and needs and a preliminary cost analysis. We have developed special software for programming residential projects. Larger commercial or healthcare projects may require additional outside expertise.

Schematic Design

Sketching ideas for plans and architectural character from the approved Program. The budget is also revisited at this phase.

Design Development

Upon approval of a Schematic Design, the selection of materials and detailing of the entire project. The beginnings of computer drawing and many design sketches, followed by another review of the budget. This phase is heavily reliant on input from the entire team.

Construction Documents

The completion of the drawings and specifications for the project including all aspects of the design and the engineering. In this phase, the architect, interior designer and other consultants are documenting all the decisions made during schematics and design development in preparation for construction.

Construction Administration

The contractor prepares final cost of construction and a contract for construction is agreed upon between the Owner and the Contractor. During this phase, the Architect reviews the Contractors requests for payment, shop drawings from subcontractors, performs site observations, participates in construction meetings and project closeout.

Our design process can vary depending on each client’s requirements and we will specifically tailor it to one’s needs. Whether designing a new home, a healthcare project or a new commercial building it is an exciting time led by our Principals through “Our Team Approach”