Dialysis Center
Jacksonville, Florida

The concept for this new Dialysis Center was to provide patients with their own space where they feel protected and have visual and acoustical privacy while maintaining a close relationship to the caregiver. The staff ratio is one Tech per 4 patients. There are 24 patient stations divided into 6 pods. Each pod has a tech workstation designed to have an unencumbered view of each patient. The pods are interconnected to allow Techs to cover for each other without losing sight of their own patients. Glass walls combined with semi-opaque shades and cubicle curtains offer acoustical as well as visual privacy when needed. Using VRV technology, we were able to give each pod its own temperature control and each patient station has its own lighting control.

The organization offered by this plan reduces staff fatigue and increases patient safety by consolidating the day’s supplies into the pod which reduces trips to the supply rooms. Arranging each Tech’s patients in a pinwheel arrangement around the Tech workstation greatly reduces the number of steps the Techs have to take over the day. There are abundant windows for natural light and views of the outdoors.

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